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Emily is a singer-songwriter who has written more than forty complete songs.  She was born and raised in New York City where she studied piano and music from early childhood.  She attended the High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan (FAME!) where she continued her study of the piano, and played cello and bass in student orchestras.
a young songwriter at work....

In her senior year at SUNY New Paltz, she taught herself guitar and began to write songs.  Local musician friends asked her to play drums in their band - The Harmonic Virgins, though she had no experience or training on drums.  Emily played with the band for two years, sometimes singing her own songs on guitar, or while playing drums.  She began performing solo three years ago in upstate New York clubs and coffee houses.

In 1996 Emily relocated to Tempe, Arizona and formed the Emily Curtis Band with Jamal Ruhe on bass and John O'Reilly on drums.   Through this experience she has become a confident and accomplished live performer, both as a singer and guitar player.  She also recorded back-up vocals and keyboard parts for a CD by the band, Deadhot Workshop.

Last year Emily returned to New York City where she released her first CD.  Produced by Ruhe and Curtis, 'Radiate' contains a multi-textured range of instruments and vocals with five guest players and back-up singers.

Emily is currently performing in downtown clubs, including The Bitter End and the Living Room both solo and with a band.  She has opened for the Steve Miller Band, Patti Rothberg, Melissa Ferrick, Paul Westerberg and Colin Hay.