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"A persistent theme...is the joy of falling in love...and she is able to express this feeling without leaning back on a crutch of cliche"- Poughkeepsie Journal
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"If there were any justice in the world, 'Maggie's Party' would be the new hot new chick anthem this summer...I love you Emily Curtis!" - Indiecrit
"A refreshingly original songwriter with a voice of gold and plenty of stories to tell in her eclectic kind of way." - Rhythm And News 
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"Emily Curtis 'Radiates' On Debut
New Yorker Releases In-Your-Face Set On Own Fumfer Label"
"Shines with a beautifully rich honesty." - Billboard, December 4, 1999
"Possesing an angelic voice, Emily utilizes her vocals not just to tell a story, but also as an instrument" - ShoreView, December 2, 1999
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"Whether she's performing solo or with her rock band, Emily Curtis' music is pure, brilliant and honest pop songwriting." - Songwriter's Monthly
"Beautiful melodies, thoughfully poetic lyrics, and an undeniable genuine delivery." - The Independent